Flying into the Sun.jpeg
Flying into the sn.jpeg

Flying into the sun

Gabrielle designed and constructed the set for the Charles Cryer Studio Theatre’s Royal Premier production of Flying into the Sun a set constructed entirely out of metal and functioning as both theatre set and sculpture.


Human Torsos

Gabrielle designed and constructed 14 Sculptures for The Underground Food Factory, Wardour Street, London, including eight human torsos, one metal head and five machine sculptures.


The Music Room, Covent Garden

Gabrielle designed and constructed a metal balustrade, decorative handrail and exterior sign for the Music Room in Covent Garden.

red candles.jpg

Candles and decorative metalwork

Gabrielle has designed and constructed many bespoke candle holders, gates and railings over the years.

Butler and Wilson.jpeg

Spiderwebs for Butler and Wilson

Gabrielle constructed the Christmas windows for Butler and Wilson’s two jewellery shops on South Molton Street and the Fulham road. Also a 15ft metal spiderweb for their advertising campaign.


National Theatre

Gabrielle worked in the Metalshop of the National Theatre for a year and a half. Productions included, Pied Piper (pictured), Speed the Plough and Hedda Gabler. She then continued to provide props and metalwork for the NT on a freelance basis.


Groves Restaurant, Carsharlton

Gabrielle designed and constructed 4 sculptures and the logo sign for Groves Restaurant in Carshalton.

Red Rose.jpeg

Red Rose Chairs

Gabrielle has designed and constructed many items to commission including chairs, gates, railings and wall pieces.